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Membership for 2022 is now open.

You can join the club as either Individual, Family or Single Parent Family


  • Adult/Junior membership is £40
  • Family membership is £80
  • Family(Single Parent) membership is £50

The model this year is that the membership is really cheap and then you pay for each session and any kit hire needed.

This helps with demand management and also protects you against any Covid limitations that may occur.

Membership will allow you to participate in:

SUP or Windsurfing depending on which course/qualification each member has.


  • If you go on a SUP course, then membership allows you to SUP.
  • If you go on a Windsurf course, then membership allows you to Windsurf
  • If you go on both courses then, membership allows you to both SUP & Windsurf
  • If you are already experienced/qualified then just check with the relevant instructors and you are good to go:-)
    If you have not been through one of our courses, then you may be asked to do a quick assessment (Great fun after a year off :-o).
    We will be kind.

Session and Kit Hire costs

Kit hire on Coached Club Nights

  • SUP (Inflatable) £10
  • SUP (Hard) £12
  • Windsurf £6

Own Kit used on Coached Club Nights

  • SUP £5
  • Windsurf £5

Social Nights

  • SUP £0 + any kit hire needed (£10)
  • Windsurf £0 + any kit hire needed (£6)