Scottish Open National Windsurfing Championships

12th - 13th June 2021

Welcome to the Scottish Open National  Windsurfing Championships @ Clyde Windsurfing & SUP Club

We are excited to host this years event on our 40th year. Why not come and join us for a fun filled two days of racing in conjunction with the North East Windsurfing Series (N.E.W.S.)

The event will take place on the 12th – 13th of June at our recently finished facility on the shores of Castle Semple Loch.

Not sure what to expect? Don’t worry we have all the information below.

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First time attending the event or site? Welcome, We are a friendly bunch so please just ask if you are not sure about anything. The team are here to help you enjoy the event.

What happens on the site

We are based on the shores of Castle Semple Loch in the village of Loch Winnoch.

The site is a multi sport site so expect to see a few other water sports activities  whilst here.

Upon arrival at our venue you will access through the large public car park where there is ample space to park up and  get great access to the water. Campers,Vans and Motor-homes are welcome on this site. We have created a competitors area at the far end of the car park on the large grass area in front of the loch. This area will be used cordoned off for rigging and storing equipment during racing. Please do not park in the area beyond this.

The Loch is great for windsurfing especially in a North Easterly or West to South West.



The club compound is based further into the site where we have our sail shed and teaching areas. We also have a toilet! which we are sure will be useful.

Common Questions

  1. What time does it all start? Its quite a relaxed set up and the first race will start after 1pm on the Saturday and 11am on the Sunday. Its a good idea to get down and rigged up early check out the Sailing Instructions for more detail.
  2. Changing facilities? Due to covid restrictions we do not have access to changing facilities at the moment.
  3. Toilets? Yes we have a club toilet in our compound – don’t tell everyone.
  4. Can i Camp? We do not have onsite facilites for camping however the car park is a well known location for motor homes and camper-vans, lochside views whats not to love – we will also give you access to the toilets if you decide to stay.
  5. Can i leave my kit onsite?  Yes we have a secure compound.
  6. Can we have a prize giving? Presently we are not allowed to create gatherings such as a prize giving but don’t worry we can still win prizes.
  7. Are you Covid Compliant? Yes we are following the guidance from Scottish Govt. and RYA Scotland. We are always updating this so please read it before you attend the event and follow the direction onsite.
  8. If we cannot gather how do we find out information on the day? Due to COVID restrictions we have to limit gatherings, we have set up a competitors WhatsApp group, this means we can share info on the event and results It also means you can ask questions directly to the team.

Sailing Instructions

New to racing? don’t panic we have all the info for you to get on the water, we follow a set of rules and they can be found here –   2021 Sailing Instructions

Who can race? Well to be honest anyone. The event is for all ages and everyone is welcome an ability to windsurf is very useful! We will have courses available for all ages and levels.

Our location

We are here

Castle Semple Visitor Centre and Country Park,
Lochlip Road,
PA12 4EA

See the:
Visitor Centre directions page